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I’m a no-longer-frustrated writer-wannabe. About 15 years ago I came close to grabbing that golden ring, but missed by a hair. Since then I haven’t written anything, and suddenly realize it’s okay not to write or desire to write. I’m not a failure or a bad person because I didn’t accomplish everything in life that I set out to do. I never regret trying to reach that goal of publication, but I can ease back now and simply enjoy a love of books that pursuing that goal instilled within me. So let’s get over it! Did I say I’m a mother, grandmother, sister, friend? The important thing I’ve learned in my 64 years is that more than things or goals, people matter. I love my family, my friends, my church family. Those are the things that give me joy and help me thrive emotionally.

Work Awaits


Big Lake

This wildlife refuge is right off of Hwy 18 between Blytheville and Manila in Mississippi County.

A new journey begins …

Life after widowhood. My humble cottage on the edge of Crowley’s Ridge.


This is a lovely pond is at the edge of Rector.

Cat Sleeping on Her Own Face

Mt. Carmel UMC

Morning in the Woods

Hock It To Me!

Foggy Morning in the Park


This was about 30 minutes ago (9 a.m. Friday). A thin layering of sleet began to fall about an hour ago, and is now beginning to turn to freezing rain. Bah humbug! Winter woes.