Monthly Archives: December 2007

Summer Memory

  Since we’re on vacation, and I forgot the interface for my digital camera to my laptop, I’ll be posting some photos of past vacations here for the next week or so. This is the harbor at Grand Marais, Minnesota. These waters of Lake Superior are cold even in August, when a friend of mine […]

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all! We’ll be traveling this week to enjoy the company of children and grandchildren and friends. May God bless all of your Christmases and your New Years!

Portrait of a Cat

I was playing around with my camera settings while Max was napping off and on in my lap. This is the result of that and a little psp playing around, as well.

New Wheels

Finally! After a year and a half of having only a pickup truck, we have a car!

Winter Wash Day

I took advantage of the clear skies and crisp day to wash and air quilts and bedding.

Cold Morning Sky

Playing with Colors

Rake Me, Please!

Road to Pansy

Highway 35 South out of Rison winds through the deer woods to the small place called by the whimsical name of a flower — Pansy.

Angels on High