Monthly Archives: September 2007

Meet Max

Meet Max, the new cat on the block. Advertisements

Can You Spell Relief?

Cooler temperatures the past few days give a taste of autumn weather.

Hint of Autumn?

Hints of autumn in the clear sky and air as we headed north on Wednesday for a few days. This was  taken just north of Rison on Hwy 79.

A Place for Worship

Rison United Methodist Church, Rison, Arkansas.

Rock Around the Porch

A fine place to contemplate life and watch the drizzle of a gentle rainfall. 

Wake Up Wall

This treasure adorns the wall beside my bed. The creator of this flower picture (made from real flower petals and leaves) is one of the friends left behind in Little Rock. Each place we live gives us special memories. This is one of mine which soothes and makes me smile.  Thanks, Ola.

Forgotten Treasure

This bird bath was found in the corner of the backyard of the United Methodist parsonage in Rison. I’m unsure if it can be reclaimed, or if we might need to replace it. But I’m sure the birds that come around would appreciate a place to bathe and drink. 

Quiet Before the Storm

  Early Saturday morning at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.

Big Smile

  This adorable little boy is the son of the woman who cuts my hair. Her beauty shop is located on Highway 63 across the road from Mt. Olivet UMC. After receiving permission to take this picture, I was treated to the best smile ever.

A Song in the Air

These wind chimes sing the joy of a cloudy morning in south Arkansas.